MED 17/MEV 17

  • Full ECU Testing and ECU repair service available
  • Decode to free running status
  • Clone a replacement unit to exactly the same as original

Instrument Cluster Repairs

  • Complimenting our ECU Testing and ECU Repairs we can test and repair dash panels for many types of vehicle
  • Very common faults on Ford and VW group vehicles covered
  • Fast turn around and reliable service
  • All makes considered

SID 206/SID 208

  • SID 206 and SID 208 units covered
  • Common problems are non start, no communication with diagnostic equipment
  • Water ingress
  • Cloning service available

BSi Modules

  • Body control modules
  • Common faults being non start, no indicators, headlights not operating
  • Your own unit repaired or a replacement can be cloned from your existing data

Chrsyler EDC 15C5

  • Chrysler diesel ECU
  • Very common failing unit
  • Faults are non start, no communication, runs in limp home mode
  • Your own unit repaired
  • Fast turn around

EDC 16/EDC 17

  • Very common units under regular repair
  • Faults are non start, intermittent non start – can be either when hot or when cold, no communication, not operating on all cylinders
  • We get these all the time for repair or we can clone a replacement

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