ECU Decode

At ECU we offer our service of ECU Decode, manufacturers have adopted many different strategies to improve the security of the vehicles they sell. When there are immobiliser or decoding problems, we have solutions that cure the issues and that are relatively inexpensive.

From time to time engine control units can fall out of synchronisation. It can be very expensive to replace entire items or have them realigned. A much more cost-effective solution is our ECU Decode service, we will “decode” the immobiliser making them ‘free-running’. We can remove the immobiliser function so that the ECU operates without needing to receive a signal.

Another alternative is to reset the immobiliser and ECU to enable reprogramming to be carried out.

We can advise you which solution is best for your specific immobiliser problem. Just get in touch and we’ll see how we can help.

Immobiliser and ECU decoding is available for a wide range of vehicles, such as Ford; Vauxhall; VW; Peugeot; Citroen; Renault; BMW; Mercedes; Audi; Seat; Fiat; Rover. From various ECU manufacturers, such as Bosch; Siemens; Motorola; Visteon; Sagem; Magneti Marelli; Delco.

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