ECU Testing

At ECU Technologies we know that good ECU testing is critical in helping you to make an informed decision, as to whether an ECU needs repairing or replacing. Our testing ECU facility is highly advanced and gives us an extended range of parameters to enable accurate fault finding.

Our test rigs have been designed and developed to run your ECU in real-time, in exactly the same way as it does on your vehicle. At ECU we are able to simulate any operating parameters to recreate the conditions in which your unit is failing. We use exactly the same load actuators to ensure the drivers inside your unit are stressed to the same level they are on the car.

We successfully identify intermittent faults with extended ECU, if necessary under harsh environmental conditions. It is important to test your unit as accurately as possible; we have the equipment and know-how to do exactly that. The more information you can provide us as to the fault description on your vehicle the better the service we are able to give. Our technicians have a great deal of experience in testing and repairing Engine Control Units. They have invaluable knowledge about what goes wrong with ECUs and how to put it right.

If an ECU Repair is¬†necessary then our specialist engineers will repair any sensors or electrical wiring that may be causing faults to your vehicle. If the repair can’t be done then our engineers will simply do an ECU Exchange.

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Why should I go with ECU Technologies?

At ECU we have collated over 15 years of experience in ECU Testing. We excel in the decision making of our research and development for our systems, whilst taking pride in our work. ECU can assist you in providing high-quality ECU Testing, whilst combining our work with great customer service.

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Our ECU Testing Facility

Our ECU testing facility covers many vehicle manufacturers such as Ford; Vauxhall; VW; Peugeot; Citroen; Renault; BMW; Mercedes; Audi; Seat; Fiat; Rover. From various ECU manufacturers, such as Bosch; Siemens; Motorola; Visteon; Sagem; VDO; Magneti Marelli; Lucas; Delco; Hitachi; Denso.

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ECU Testing

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