Engine - Petrol
    IAW G6.10

    Citroen IAW G6.10 ECU

    Citroen ECU Marelli Engine - Petrol G6 - IAW G6.10

    Get Your IAW G6.10 ECU Unit Tested and Repaired

    ECU Repair Price: £125 (Exc. VAT)
    ECU Testing Fee: £35 (Exc. VAT)

    (if the ECU unit is faulty and repaired then the test fee will be waived)

    Return Delivery: £10 (Exc. VAT)

    Once we've received your IAW G6.10 ECU unit, we'll usually have the repair turned around in 1 - 2 days.

    What to do next?

    Send us your IAW G6.10 ECU unit to this address and please make sure you enclose your contact details and fault description Or fill out our Service Request Form.

    Service Request Form